Packaging OCR in Transport and Logistics with RTR SDK

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Today the demands of the Transport and Logistics industry are rapidly expanding and the need for real-time data capture and process automatization is more important than ever.

Accurately recognize and capture data directly from packages within your apps via real-time video OCR from a mobile camera, without having to snap a photo.

In the Transport and Logistics industry,
Real-Time Recognition (RTR) SDK technologies can be used for:

  • Addresses
  • Postal codes
  • Recipient’s name
  • Tracking numbers
  • Labels
  • Codes scanning
  • and more!

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Speed-up and lower costs

RTR SDK speeds-up and greatly reduces the costs of processing packages, mailed letters, parcel registration, tracking, and delivery. Instead of typing long tracking numbers and addresses, the SDK allows your app users to simply scan tracking numbers, postal codes, addresses etc. and extract this information right from the labels themselves.


Prevent user input errors

Text on packaging is immediately recognized, captured, and sent directly to backend systems for shipping validation. This modern way of data entry ensures that misprints or incorrect data are quickly detected and proactively resolved before dispatching parcels.


Automate internal process via real-time mobile capture

Provide distribution workers with an easy and convenient way to process parcels. Postal operations are divided into three stages: parcel registration, distribution, and delivery. Reducing manual typing labor in these processes saves costs and increases workforce productivity.


Increase overall customer satisfaction and loyalty

Empower your workers to provide your customers with real-time updates about current tracking statuses, unexpected delays, or other shipment and delivery details by immediately capturing and uploading data from virtually any mobile device with a camera.


Improve user's experience

Users simply point the mobile device’s camera at a parcel’s label and only the required data will be extracted, then transferred into company systems without typing it in by hand. This intuitive process is significantly faster and provides an excellent user experience.

High-end technology for transport and logistic service


Accurate RTR SDK OCR in poor lighting and at difficult angles

Even with poor lighting or views, RTR SDK still accurately extracts text from printed labels, codes, and addresses. RTR SDK’s intelligent algorithms enable quick text detection and produce outstanding recognition results by merging multiple video frames in real-time.


Capture text from a selected area

Regular expressions allow you to target and extract only the desired information you need in particular situations such as solely capturing a name, or tracking code, leaving the unwanted data behind.


Real-time translation on mobile

Real-Time Recognition SDK instantly translates information on packages and projects the new translation ‘live’ on the video stream of your device’s screen when needed.


Available for iOS and Android

Avoid the pains of searching and supporting separate OCR SDKs from different providers for iOS and Android platforms.


Works with any type of package from any country

ABBYY’s RTR SDK recognizes country-specific addresses from virtually any postal service. Only printed text, such as address and postcode can be recognized (recognition of hand-written text is not available).

Use ABBYY’s RTR SDK to capture details from labels and
other various postal services like:

  • UPS, FedEx, DHL, DPD, TNT
  • La Poste
  • Deutsche Post AG
  • Royal Mail
  • Correios do Brasil
  • Russian Post
  • Japan Post Holdings Co
  • USPS

Where you can use it


Registering & tracking packages

Keep your customers updated in real-time as distribution workers instantly register and track packages by pointing their device’s camera at the labels via your app built with RTR SDK.


Mail distribution

Quickly sort deliveries and shipments without retyping or rewriting the information (just scan tracking numbers, addresses, etc.), sharply minimizing the amount of manual labor required while eliminating input errors.



Instantly get directions by pointing the camera at the label on a package. Use RTR SDK in your app for shipping, tracking, or scanning popular labels (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) from major regional or international services.

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