Telecom: Real-time Recognition of Codes and Passwords

With Real-Time Recognition, the long codes and passwords so ubiquitous in the telecom industry no longer have to be tediously retyped.

Apps built with Real-Time Recognition SDK allow users to quickly and accurately scan long codes on recharge cards, or device serial numbers, logins or passwords (such as on Wi-Fi routers), by just hovering their smartphone’s camera over them. No more manual data entry is needed, and in most cases, even manual verification can be skipped because of the high accuracy of ABBYY’s RTR technology.

wi-fi code scan and recognition

In the telecom industry, Real-Time Recognition (RTR) SDK can be used in apps to capture:

  • PIN codes
  • Serial numbers on Wi-Fi routers
  • Codes on recharge cards
  • and more!
  • Wi-Fi codes/passwords

High-end technology for telecom companies


Accurate OCR in poor lighting and at difficult angles

Even with poor lighting or at distorted angles, RTR SDK still accurately extracts text from printed long codes, serial numbers and complex passwords. RTR SDK’s intelligent algorithms enable quick text detection and produce outstanding recognition results by merging the results from multiple video frames in real-time.


Capture any data

Support for regular expressions. By applying regular expressions as a field identifier, your mobile app can automatically detect and capture promo codes, serial numbers, complex passwords and much more.


Available for iOS and Android

Avoid the headache of searching and supporting separate OCR SDKs from different vendors for iOS and Android.

Where you can use it

scan Wi-Fi password or serial number

Connection to the internet

Help customers connect to your Wi-Fi faster and at the same time address the security issues of your network with real-time scanning. Your customers simply scan the Wi-Fi password or the serial number of the Wi-Fi router. Thus, you improve your customer experience and increase customer loyalty by freeing your customers from the hassle of manual retyping.

data extraction from ID documents

Registering new mobile customer

Speed-up and ensure the process of personal data extraction from ID documents at retail outlets with our SDK when registering new phone customers. Let your employees scan ID documents instead of manually retyping them to eliminate typing errors.

scanning PIN codes of recharge cards

Mobile phone recharge

Simplify the process of adding funds to mobile phones as much as possible for your customers by letting them scan lengthy recharge card PIN codes with RTR SDK instead of typing them manually.

Streamline your business with our technologies


Increase overall customer satisfaction and loyalty

All your users need to do is simply point their camera at the codes on recharge cards, device serial numbers (such as Wi-Fi routers) and Wi-Fi passwords. Your app with RTR SDK will then extract the data and input it into the required fields. This simple and user-friendly method saves time for your users, significantly improves the customer experience, and thus increases their loyalty.


Prevent user input errors

Security concerns force network passwords (as well as serial numbers or codes) to be quite long and complex: most of them contain a random mix of digits, as well as lower and upper-case letters. It’s obvious that the manual entry of long and complex codes on a mobile device is extremely inconvenient and error-prone. But with real-time capturing, these codes are immediately recognized without manual input or wasting any time. This modern and highly convenient text entry method minimizes misprints and eliminates the need for tedious retyping.


Speed up and increase productivity

Field employees can be faster and more efficient with a convenient and fast method of highly-accurate information and personal data capture to onboard new customers. Your employees simply point their mobile device’s camera at an ID document to capture a customer’s personal data.


Enrich your app

Enhance UX and expand your app’s functionality by replacing manual data entry with fast and convenient data capture via mobile phone cameras. Leverage ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK to make your app more modern and appealing to your customers.