Top Usage Scenarios of the Real-Time Recognition

Recognition of driving license

Introducing the Real-Time Recognition SDK for developers who want to streamline their mobile apps. With this powerful OCR technology, it’s now possible to integrate driving license recognition and data extraction into your app. This means that your users can quickly and easily recognize customer driving license data in real-time. Imagine being able to use this data to speed up your business processes, all from the comfort of your mobile device. With Real-Time Recognition SDK, it’s now possible. Learn More

Recognition of identification documents with RTR SDK

The Real-Time Recognition SDK provides a seamless solution for the recognition of identity documents. Our advanced technology allows for the easy capture of information from identity documents using a smartphone camera preview screen. This information can then be inputted into any file, form or worksheet, offering a fast and convenient way to streamline your processes. With our SDK, developers can easily integrate ID and card recognition functionality into their applications, providing a new level of security and user experience for their users. Trust us to deliver the best recognition technology for your business needs.

Packaging OCR in Transport and Logistics

Give your customers peace of mind and keep them informed with real-time updates on their shipments and deliveries. Enable your workers to quickly capture and upload data from any mobile device with a camera, including unexpected delay alerts and current tracking statuses. Empower your team to provide exceptional customer service with prompt and accurate delivery details.