Top Usage Scenarios of the Real-Time Recognition

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driving license

Recognition of driving license

Real-Time Recognition SDK lets developers recognize and extract data from driving licenses. The OCR technology can be integrated into mobile apps to allow users to recognize a customer’s driving license data fast and easy in real time, and then use this data for their business processes.

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passport mrz recognition

Recognition of identification documents with RTR SDK

Real-Time Recognition SDK offers a fast and convenient way for recognition of identity documents. The technology enables information on identity documents to be captured from preview screen of a smartphone camera and input the required data into any file, form or a work sheet. Developers can easily provide new level of security and user experience by adding ID and card recognition functionality into their applications using our SDK.

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transport and logistics

Packaging OCR in Transport and Logistics

Empower your workers to provide your customers with real-time updates about current tracking statuses, unexpected delays, or other shipment and delivery details by immediately capturing and uploading data from virtually any mobile device with a camera.

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wi-fi code scan and recognition

Long codes input

With Real-Time Recognition, the long codes and passwords so ubiquitous in the telecom industry no longer have to be tediously retyped. Apps built with Real-Time Recognition SDK allow users to quickly and accurately scan long codes on recharge cards, or device serial numbers, logins or passwords (such as on Wi-Fi routers), by just hovering their smartphone’s camera over them. No more manual data entry is needed, and in most cases, even manual verification can be skipped because of the high accuracy of ABBYY’s RTR technology.

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ocr invoice

Mobile Payment

Information necessary for a money transfer can be inserted directly into the fields of a mobile banking app* by focusing the smartphone’s camera on payment slips, invoices or other payment documents. Data such as the IBAN, credit card number, card owner’s name or payment amount can be immediately transferred. This modern way of data entry significantly speeds up text input into mobile banking apps, and is very convenient for the user while minimizing the risk of errors.

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ID Card Recognition for Mobile Client Onboarding

ID Card Recognition for Mobile Client Onboarding

Thanks to data capture and MRZ recognition customer data is transferred into company systems without the need to type them in, by simply pointing the mobile device’s camera at ID cards, passports and other identification documents*. This way, onboarding clients in banks, insurance companies and other organizations as well as processes for registering new customers in hotels or car rental companies can be faster and more efficient. Real-time data capture and MRZ recognition from passport or other ID document doesn't require to save images, this guarantees data privacy during customer onboarding process.

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ocr machine vision

Machine Vision

Quality control in mass goods production* can be extended to automatically check the printed information on products. Text on packaging or words displayed on control panels of consumer devices and appliances can be immediately recognized and sent directly to backend systems for accuracy check. This ensures that misprints or incorrect data can be quickly detected and possible issues resolved before the goods leave the production line.

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real time text translation

Translation On-the-Go

When encountering texts of unknown languages, users of smartphones and tablets can use this real-time text recognition, in combination with the real-time translation functionality*. By viewing the text through the smartphone, the words can be extracted, immediately translated and the translated text projected back - replacing the original words on the smartphone screen. This translation process provides an excellent user experience.

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ocr text to speech

Text-to-Speech with OCR

Visually impaired, elderly people or children with reading and learning difficulties using assistive Text-to-Speech mobile applications with OCR functionality* can conveniently access any written information surrounding them. They just point the camera of their smartphone on the text in a book, a magazine page or on a street sign and instantly listen to the words converted into an audio format.

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mobile self service

Meter Reading for Mobile Customer Self-Service

Enterprise companies* can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing modern mobile self-service applications that allow their clients to communicate easily and exchange data with vendors. Mobile self-service applications allow a developer to turn a customer's smartphone into a water or electricity meter reading device. Customers just need to point their smartphone at the water or power meters and transfer data to energy providers without typing. This can significantly reduce cost for customer services.

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