Conference Room Booking Application

Conference Room Booking Application

Since there is a lot of ambiguity while booking a room at the last moment due to which we usually don’t end up getting one. To avoid the occurrence of such a situation “Book The Room” app comes to your rescue. Through this app,  we can book the conference room well in advance based on the availability of the date and time that we have opted for. If the time limit exceeds a time span of 2 hours, then a request will be sent to the admin for necessary approval. Further to the approval, the conference room can be used. The queued requests are served on a first come first serve basis by the admin. Conference Room Booking Application

THE ROOM is an application which makes booking the conference room an easy task [1]. To simplify the process of booking a conference room and also to avoid the real-time conflicts which could occur otherwise, [2] this application is being developed on a platform called flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web. The release versions of Flutter apps use the ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation on both Android and iOS thus making Flutter’s high performance on mobile devices possible.

User Module: This module will provide the user interface to the user to login and book a conference for entries. The division into two modules really makes it easy for the respective users. The backend of the application is linked using Firebase. The details of bookings and users using the application is stored and maintained using Firebase. It is made sure that the users who are authorized can only use the application. This application can reduce the time wastage and conflicts that can happen.
The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section II, Section III and Section IV describes about the related works, proposed system and methodology of the work respectively. The advantages are listed in Section V. The results were discussed in Section VI. At last, Section VII concludes the paper with conclusion of the work.

Firebase is a platform for creating the backend for a mobile application and also for web-based applications. In our conference booking application, it is used to store the booking details. It is also used to store the users that have been registered to the application. The data stored in the server is
used to check whether a specific time is available or not. If available the user can book the slot and hence that slot is blocked. We have used first come first serve policy for booking the slot so that there is no problem while booking. Fig. 2 provides the view of the login page where the user will be asked to enter their email id and using firebase verification is done. Fig. 3 shows the authentication mail is
being sent to all the users who are signing up in the app. In Fig. 4, there will be a calendar highlighting the current date and the selected date is also highlighted with a different color.
There is a floating button at the bottom of the page for new bookings. The user could select the date and time and schedule the booking.

A cancellation facility for booked slots and the facility of receiving notifications if a wanted slot becomes available later on due to cancellation. We can extend the no of conference rooms i.e, the app can be extended for multiple rooms and prioritizing first-hand users will be included.A checklist can be provided for requirements within the conference room.