setTranslationDictionary method of the RTRTextCaptureService protocol

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Sets current translation dictionary, attaches or detaches a dictionary to enable or disable translation. By default, translation is disabled and no translation dictionary is used.

Translation dictionaries should be put in the Translation subfolder of the application bundle. Some dictionaries are supplied with the distribution. See Available Translation Dictionaries for a full list.

warning Important! Calling this method with a dictionary name attaches this translation dictionary (or changes the one currently attached). With a dictionary attached, the recognized text will be translated automatically, and the onBufferProcessedWithTextLines:resultStatus: method will return the result in the target language. The result of recognition in the source language will be unavailable. To detach a dictionary, pass a nil argument.

- (void)setTranslationDictionary:(NSString*)dictionaryName;



The name of the translation dictionary file, without extension. Can also be nil to detach the current dictionary.