RTRTextCaptureService protocol

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A background text capture service protocol. Inherits from the RTRRecognitionService protocol.

This protocol is adopted by the text capture service object returned by the createTextCaptureServiceWithDelegate: method. Its methods are used to tune the processing settings, pass video frames from the camera to the background processing engine, and release the resources afterwards.

The text capture service requires a delegate that conforms to the RTRTextCaptureServiceDelegate protocol. The service informs the delegate when the result is ready, sends progress information, warnings and errors.




- addSampleBuffer:

Sends the video frame obtained from camera to the service. Inherited from the RTRRecognitionService protocol.

- setAreaOfInterest:

Sets the search area on the frame. Inherited from the RTRRecognitionService protocol.

- setRecognitionLanguages:

Sets the languages to be used for recognition.

- setTranslationDictionary:

Sets the name of the translation dictionary.

- stopTasks

Stops processing and releases the resources used by the recognition service. Inherited from the RTRRecognitionService protocol.