onBufferProcessedWithDataScheme method of the RTRDataCaptureServiceDelegate protocol

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Notifies the delegate that a frame was recognized, delivers the result and its stability status.

The result stability status should be used to determine if the accuracy is high enough for the result to be used for any practical purposes. We recommend not to use the data in any way until the stability level has reached at least RTRResultStabilityAvailable and the data scheme has been matched. When stability of the result has reached the desired level, the service may be stopped by calling the stopTasks method of the RTRDataCaptureService protocol.

This method is to be implemented on the client side. The implementation of this method will probably contain assessing the result plausibility, displaying the results to the user or using them in any other way you need.

- (void)onBufferProcessedWithDataScheme:(RTRDataScheme*)dataScheme dataFields:(NSArray<RTRDataField*>*)dataFields



Information on the data scheme applied to the recognized frame, represented by a RTRDataScheme object.

warning Important! If nil is passed instead of a valid RTRDataScheme object, the data scheme has not yet been matched, which may mean that the document the user is trying to recognize does not fit the data capture profile with which the data service was created. In this case, the results are not usable.


The result as an array of data fields, represented by RTRDataField objects.


The estimate of how stable the result is, represented by an RTRResultStabilityStatus enumeration constant. It is not guaranteed that it ever reaches the desired level for a particular scene.