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RTRTextCaptureService protocol

A background text capture service protocol.

This protocol provides methods to tune the processing settings, pass the video frames from camera to the background processing engine, and release the resources afterwards.

The RTRTextCaptureService protocol also defines a delegate that conforms to the RTRTextCaptureServiceDelegate protocol and must implement its methods. The recognition service informs the delegate when the result is ready or when an image is saved, as well as sending information about current progress and errors.




- addSampleBuffer:

Sends the video frame obtained from camera to the recognition service. Inherited from the RTRRecognitionService protocol.

- setAreaOfInterest:

Sets the area on the frame where the text is to be found. Inherited from the RTRRecognitionService protocol.

- setRecognitionLanguages:

Sets the languages to be used for recognition.

- setTranslationDictionary:

Sets the name of the translation dictionary.

- stopTasks

Stops processing and releases the resources used by the recognition service. Inherited from the RTRRecognitionService protocol.