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createDataCaptureServiceWithDelegate method of the RTREngine class

Creates a background recognition service to run in data capture mode. Only one instance of the service per application is necessary: multiple threads for processing will be started internally.

Before a call to this method, implement the RTRDataCaptureServiceDelegate protocol to work with processing results and handle warnings or errors.

- (id<RTRDataCaptureService>)createDataCaptureServiceWithDelegate:(id<RTRDataCaptureServiceDelegate>)delegate profile:(NSString*)profile;
- (id<RTRDataCaptureService>)createDataCaptureServiceWithDelegate:(id<RTRDataCaptureServiceDelegate>)delegate profile:(NSString*)profile



The delegate object implementing the RTRDataCaptureServiceDelegate protocol for interacting with the service.


The name of a data capture profile (data scheme) to use. Use an empty profile name here to configure your own profile for custom data field capture with the help of the configureDataCaptureProfile method of the RTRDataCaptureService protocol.

Predefined data capture profiles are only available in the extended version.


[optional] The extended service configuration settings represented by an RTRExtendedSettings object.

Return values

The method returns an instance implementing the RTRDataCaptureService protocol.