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The distribution of ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK contains the library itself and various resources needed for text capturing and translation. Usually you will want to remove all unnecessary resources and have your application take up less space and operating memory.

All files for redistribution are listed below. The files that you always must include are listed in bold.

The general rule for the other files is to include the recognition dictionaries and patterns for the languages of the texts you want to capture, and translation dictionaries for the language pairs you want to translate. Note that a language pair for translation (and the corresponding dictionary) has direction: French to English is not the same as English to French.

Android distribution

  • libs
    • abbyy-rtr-sdk-1.0.aar
      the library file
  • assets
    • dictionaries
      dictionaries for recognition
    • patterns
      recognition databases
      • ChineseJapanese.rom — to get this file please contact sales
        for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
      • European.rom
        for all languages except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
      • FindText.rom
        for all languages
      • KoreanSpecific.rom — to get this file please contact sales
        for Korean
    • translation — to get these files please contact sales
      dictionaries for translation