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In the demo mode you can test

  • Instant translation of text
  • Optical recognition of long codes
  • Text recognition of any pre-specified area
  • IBAN and MRZ capture
  • Capture data on IDs
  • Capture data on bank cards

Get the demo application in five easy steps

  1. Complete the form below to share with us some information about your project.
  2. Request for the demo using only your business email address. Personal and public email accounts are currently not supported.
  3. Expect an email with a distributive link from us within two working days.
  4. Click the link on the email we sent you to download and install the application.
  5. Now you should see the real-time recognition technology in use. Feel free to show the demo to your colleagues and partners.

Try our technology

How to install demo application

Click the link in the email we sent you to download the app.

  • If your device is using any versions of Android, you just need to download the application and run it on device (from the selected for download folder).
  • If your device is using any versions of iOS, you need to agree to trust the enterprise provisioning certificate by following these steps:




Profiles & Device Management

ABBYY USA Software House Inc


How to use demo application

The demo application demonstrates main features of ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK, including some functionalities of the extended version:


Instant recognition of text in pre-specified area or field.


Instant translation of text to the specified language.


Recognition of specific codes matching the specified regular expression.


Recognition of 2-3 lines of data from MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) Visas are currently not supported.


Recognition of IBANs (International Bank Account Number) for Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.


Recognition of specific data from bank cards and some ID documents such as Passports.

For more information on how to use each feature, please click here for the presentation.


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