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createTextCaptureServiceWithDelegate method of the RTREngine class

Creates a background recognition service to run in text capture mode. Only one instance of the service per application is necessary: multiple threads for processing will be started internally.

Before a call to this method, implement the RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate protocol to work with processing results and handle warnings or errors.

- (id<RTRRecognitionService>)createTextCaptureServiceWithDelegate:(id<RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate>)delegate;
- (id<RTRRecognitionService>)createTextCaptureServiceWithDelegate:(id<RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate>)delegate



The delegate object implementing the RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate protocol for interacting with the service.


[optional] The extended service configuration settings represented by an RTRExtendedSettings object.

Return values

The method returns an instance implementing the RTRRecognitionService protocol.